Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The answer to a burning question

As far as my job's concerned, actors are just meat. My work's pretty much the same no matter who's in front of the camera, hence my very rarely mentioning them on the blog, but I've been asked the 'which actors are cool' question more than almost any other. So, here you go:

Most of them fall into the 'meh' category. They don't really have much to say to the crew beyond bland pleasantries between takes, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The only thing I really ask of actors is that they show up on time, know their lines and get the hell out of my way when I'm trying to work. In return, I stay the hell out of their way when they're trying to work and do my best to minimize on-set hazards (heavy items falling out of the rigging, tripping on cable, salami farts).

There are, however, some actors who are super nice and/or more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and I'm always glad to see their names on the cast list.

Some big love (in no particular order) to:

Sarah Polley and Stephen Rea (the only two actors I've ever worked with who have refused to cross an IATSE picket line, and I love them both for it)
Patrick Warburton
Liz Vassey
Nestor Carbonell
David Burke
George Clooney (even more fun than a barrel of drunk monkeys wearing clown suits)
Billy Bob Thornton
Guy Pearce
Joe Pantoliano
Johnny Depp
Mark Harmon
Annie Potts
Jean Smart
Keanu Reeves (who has always been very gracious about my inability to completely hide the schoolgirlish crush I develop whenever I work with him)

Keep in mind that this is just my list, and I'm sure I've forgotten someone. Every crew person's list is different, as it's possible for an actor to be a dream on one show and a complete pill on the next.

Couch of the day:



Anonymous said...

You know Peggy, these couch photos are really quite artistic. Maybe you could do a coffee table book for all those "couch potatoes" out there.

Anonymous said...

This blog just keeps getting better and better.

Sarah Polley is an activist in Canada and involved in politics (that's as in-depth as my understanding gets) so it doesn't surprise me that she wouldn't cross a picket line.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

to continue the thought from a previous post. A name for the coffee table book- "Hollywood Trash". That title could sell books.
Is this maybe The neighborhood's idea of charity, providing the homeless with a comfy place to sleep?

Anonymous said...

I love this last photo. It's like an elderly couple hanging out on the porch together, savoring the fresh air.

steven b at the rental house said...

good observations on the list and the couch photos. strangely enough, a couch has just appeared on the curb accross the street from my house. oh and Naomi Watts is pretty cool too.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't think you got away with skipping your items for a few days. Those of us that are huge fans (and is there any other kind?) notice when you skip a week...or a day.

Nose to the grindstone, missy!

Justin said...

Seeing Patrick Warburton on the list reminds me of how awesome he was in "The Tick" live-action series. Great delivery of some really ridiculous lines. "Death...the eternal blink."

Dave2 said...

That's a great list! And it's even got Joey Pants on it!! Everybody loves Joey Pants!

looksy said...

Couch of the day rules

Patrick said...

Thanks for sharing the list. Take care!

Charli said...

You need to go back and retake those couch pictures then submit them as a book -- you know, one of those coffee table books. You never know, you might get published. Btw, so glad to hear that George Glooney is a doll!


Chuck said...

Bruce Dern was an absolute ass when I worked with him. Linda Hamilton was great.

FrancesDanger said...

I was so glad to see Annie Potts on this list. I have loved her ever since I saw Pretty in Pink.

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell for sure, but this leather couch looks to be in fairly decent shape (I assume the stuff on the cushions is tree detritus). It would be nice if someone came along and gave it a good home :)

Iron Rails & Iron Weights

Writeprocrastinator said...

You worked on "The Tick????!!!" With Joey "Pants," too?

I am more in awe of you every day and I'll look for you name in the credits! Keanu doesn't know what he's missing.

Anonymous said...

i worked on sarah polley's first feature she directed in toronto this year and i fucking love that girl. she's cool.