Thursday, June 15, 2006

A magical evening

Last night, I managed to swing an invite to the Magic Castle. It was very last minute and I went with a group that I only know through email, but who turned out to be a great bunch of folks.

The Magic Castle is a private club just for magicians, and you have to know a member to get a guest pass. The last time I went was in the mid 90's after working on a movie called Lord of Illusions which had a magic consultant who handed out passes to anyone who asked and it was tons of fun, so I jumped at the chance to go again.

Although the Magic Castle has amazing shows, what's more fun for me is hanging out in the lounge with the magicians - they do things like try to one-up each other with card tricks while they're sitting at the bar, and it's just a riot.

The castle has a huge collection of magic-related artifacts and is an extremely cool place, which I hope I'll be able to visit again before another decade goes by.

Couch of the Day:



FrancesDanger said...

So I came here originally for the biting commentary on all things 'backstage Hollywood', but now I can't wait to see which couch you'll post next.

Dave2 said...

Ah yes... I too once scored an invite to the Magic Castle, and left in a daze from the many wonders within. :-)

Joe Valdez said...

Peggy, I think you're on to something with your lost sofa photo essays. Keep chronicling this alarming phenomena and I have a feeling your site could really go places.

Anonymous said...

Peggy that last couch looked a little new. I suppose the last owner thought it didn't match the new drapes. I noticed the same phenomenon in my neighborhood last month. Wierd.
It's nice to have fun withnew friends- I'm glad you had a terrific time. You deserve it .God knows when the work starts there won't be time for much else.

Chuck said...

You were on Lord of Illusions? *I* was on Lord of Illusions!