Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap
Originally uploaded by Peggy Archer.

For when the owner of the location we're shooting at absolutely, positively refuses to move the car.


Andy said...

Are you serious? The OWNER OF THE LOCATION refused to move their car? The owner, who was being paid what most certainly is an ungodly fee for the use of their location, REFUSED TO MOVE THEIR CAR??? What an asshole.

Im Chele In LA said...

oh wow so glad that to have found your site..
I am trying to get in local 33 .. Found your site from the locals page..
I am going to link you if that is cool

setboy said...

When the owner of the location absolutely, positively has to be a _______.

Anonymous said...

Goodness! Couldn't YOU just move staging out to the street, or better yet just work off the truck? It's so rude of you to expect someone getting paid for use of a location to be inconvenienced by the shoot.

Looks like they missed a spot.

For next time- go borrow some snot tape from one of us grips. Roll long lines between your finger and apply them to one of the windows in a crack pattern. If you get it just right from a distance it will not be discernable from the real thing... Do sparks on real shows have their own snot tape and expendables, or do they still swipe from the grips like on indy shows?


The Lone Beader said...

Call a tow-truck.

Anonymous said...

Call the teamsters. We had that problem a couple of months ago. They jacked the car up, backed two stakebeds under it with their gates down, raised the car up and left in the stakebed until we wrapped.

Anonymous said...

Wow. THAT'S ridiculous. What a jerk of them to not move.

Sal said...

hehehe this has to be one of my favourite "hazards of film making" photos yet