Friday, August 11, 2006

Well, I know what the next couple of weeks will be like.

So I got added on to the rigging crew for this show - which is kind of weird in TV as it's not a full time crew (most movies carry rigging crews full time. Sometimes the crew is smaller than other times, but they're always there - good riggers are hard to find, and when you release your riggers for a week they go get other jobs and sometimes you can't get them back), so I'm looking at a few days each week, guaranteed, which is a good thing - this is a group of guys that I really like and have a good time with.

They only do 10 hour days, which is both good and bad. Good because I can have a life, bad because I won't make the big overtime bank.

It's also good because I'll get my Paramount ID renewed, so I won't have the daily guard gate hassle. I could also buy cheap DVDs in the lot store, if they had anything good, which they don't (okay the South Park box sets for 12 bucks each are cool, but that's about it).

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Damon said...

The new Apocalpyse Now Special Edition streets Tuesday. So that's something.

Sassy Ass said...

Just clicked on your blog from Dlisted. Will read this shit tomorrow.

Have a great night,

Sassy Ass

encinoblogger said...

Wait a minute..what about all the great John Wayne that Par has ("The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence,""Rio Bravo," etc), and Scorsese's Dylan film, not to mention the full stock of Par's signature "lady in danger" flix. All to be gotten for the insider price of $4.50 per disk. Things could be worse.

Damon said...

Oh yeah, there's the Jackass box set that just came out, if that's your thing. And the 76 King Kong, just cause.

Peggy Archer said...

None of us had the huevos to open the boxes - we're all afraid of spiders.