Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something's moving!

So I've been wanting to try out Wordpress (blogger's been pissing me off lately), and now here's my chance!

Sitting at home, waiting for painters to show up, I decided to spin the "Couch of the Day" feature into it's own blog, and you can find it here. The blogroll's still incomplete, due to my not being able to figure out how to batch import.

Email me at randomblogmail at yahoo dot com if you'd like to be a contributor (I think you might have to have a wordpress account, but it's free)!


Patrick said...

I work a great deal with WordPress everyday. Let me know if you need assistance or any specific questions answered.

Take care!

Mark said...

I switched to Wordpress and couldn't be happier.

Newsguy said...

I know you don't post comments unless they are real comments and this is in that category. I live in the Eagle Rock section, actually Mt. Washington, and I see lots of really awful couches on the street in Highland Park and environs. So how can I occasionally get a shot to you? Love your blog. I'm a semi - retired TV reporter, now working in video production. --Russ Nichols

Peggy Archer said...

Patrick - I may take you up on that.

Russ - you can email me at randomblogmail [at] yahoo dot com.