Saturday, September 16, 2006

Poor, poor roaches. No one asked them!

So I went to the Banksy show yesterday afternoon and dragged Carly with me - it turns out, the show is in a warehouse that for a while was host to a ton of music video shoots (I don't remember which ones, though - music videos all sort of blur together after a while. Set up, bad coffee, no crafty, lunch, turn around, bad coffee, no crafty, "Hey, what's that pile of stuff on the cable..eewwww", wrap, load the truck, freak out about the hours we just worked, go home). I don't know if that's what it's still used for, though. Thankfully, it's been a while since I've worked on a lot of music videos.

Although we missed the official opening party on Thursday night, that wasn't a bad thing - I really wanted to see the art and on Friday afternoon the place was just about empty so we got a chance to linger and really enjoy the show. Props to Banksy for being able to make a living by being a smartass (a very clever and creative one, but a smartass nonetheless).

There's a contingent of folks who are up in arms about the use of a real elephant in the show, and I'm here to report that she seems just fine. She's an 'animal actor', so she's used to being indoors on sets and around people, and she's been painted before. The paint used is non-toxic, and she gets to go outside for breaks from standing in the exhibit eating her fill of the carrots that her handlers toss on the floor for her to find.

I notice that there's no outcry over the poor little cockroaches that are trapped in a case, being forced against their will to crawl all over Paris Hilton's CD.

Now that's animal abuse.

My photos from Banksy's show are on Flickr.

Here's the link


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the notes on the show - it was amazing.

Christopher Boffoli said...

Brilliant stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Gag Halfrunt said...

The elephant has been scrubbed down on the orders of the Los Angeles department of animal services.

Merujo said...

The roaches are probably pretty comfy crawling all over Paris Hilton - it's likely familiar territory. Through a recent visit to an allergist, I've found out that I'm allergic to roaches. Go figure. Who the hell would have guessed they have a test to see if roaches make you itch? Only in urban America...