Monday, September 18, 2006

If I'm not at work, I may as well have fun

I woke up this morning to our seasonal mid-September crushing heat and thought "Fuck this, I'm going to the beach".

Okay, that's not entirely true - I didn't decide to go to the beach until after I'd been trapped in a boiling hot laundromat for an hour and a half.

Fortified by fine Trader Joe's snack foods, I drove up the coast, past Malibu to where the water's really cold - not Santa Monica Bay chilly where you get used to it quickly, but really truly cold - you don't acclimate so much as numb out.

I waded in and floated until I couldn't feel my toes, then sat on the sand shivering and thought "This is the life - tomorrow, I'm coming back up here".

On the drive home, I thought about signing up for unemployment (usually, that gets a job within 48 hours of sending in the paperwork). This time, as soon as the thought went through my head, the phone rang.

"Hey, you wanna work for the next two days?"

Hell, yes I do.

The ocean will still be there.


Neil said...

The work is important to pay for the expensive Trader Joe's snacks at the beach.

Meg said...

Did you know you can apply for unemployment online? And not to get into an argument w/ Neil, but Trader Joe's snacks are waaaay better than your average snacks, and not that expensive.

Christopher Boffoli said...

Hanging out on David Geffen's old beach again?

K said...

Mmmm...Trader Joes. Good snacks and cheap wine. Yum.