Sunday, November 19, 2006

I certainly made up for those weekends I worked.

Friday night I dragged a friend to a nightclub and we saw.. get ready for it.. 2 Live Crew (remember them?) for some sort of comeback tour or something. I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but here's some video:

Yeah, I know. I thought it was going to be a lot funnier, too (actually funny, not two drink minimum funny). Plus, it was damn near pitch black in there so I'm surprised I was even able to get the shitty pixel-fest you see here.

I'll spare you the clip of the dancer shaking her thang for the camera. There are six (or so) clips on Jumpcut, so feel free to re-edit them and see if you can make something interesting out of it.

Saturday night, I decided that I had not, in fact, been ready for that jelly and decided to stay home.

Sunday, I went to see the new James Bond. Without veering into spoiler country, it's long. Too long. By about half an hour. There is absolutely no excuse for a movie with a plot that thin to be over two hours, although Daniel Craig (for whom I've had a girl boner since Layer Cake) was great.

I'm not expecting to get any work this week, since Thursday's a holiday.


Anonymous said...

Girl boner ..... ?

Iron Rails & Iron Weights

Peggy Archer said...

Peter, it means that I thought he looked quite fetching in that Speedo (TM).

Meg said...

"Quite Fetching in That Speedo" indeed (wink) My husband is a major Bond fan, so we saw "Casino Royale" this weekend too. He gives his approval to the new Bond, as do I. Especially Speedo and preening in front of the mirror tailored tux scenes. Yowsahs!

Cat said...

I totally agree about Daniel Craig... I'm the only person I know who thought he would make a good bond- and the speedo helps... hooray for the gril boner!

Charli said...

I told my son the Bond movie was about 30 minutes too long. The audience fidgets, that's not a good sign. The new Bond however, to die for.