Friday, November 24, 2006

'Tis the Season - it's official.

Beverly Hills has sprouted chandeliers in boxes.

Chandeliers in boxes

On Rodeo (remember, it's pronounced Row-DAY-oh) Drive, of course.


David H. said...

WOW that looks tacky. Is that bullet proof glass? Or is fashion just gone that bad?

So if it's the season that must mean all your hard work on bushes and bushes of Christmas lights can be turned on now, huh? :-)

Charli said...

Only in Hollywood, you got to love it.

Chuck-a-luck said...

I'll see you at the 12/7 (day that will live in infamy) lighting. I'm also going to try to scam some XMas lights from the lot to do my front yard tree. See, all that XMas cheer and Jesus celebrating we had has put me in the mood.

she said: said...

Oh hell no. Would love to see what they look like lit up. Probably blocks out the sky. I can't help but get a Macy's day-esque things are going to fall on my overpriced bently vibe.