Saturday, August 20, 2005

"Grey's Anatomy"

Got a last minute call Thursday night from a friend of mine to replace him on "Grey's Anatomy".

"Grey's" is shooting at the Disney owned Prospect Stages in Hollywood - a MUCH shorter drive for me than Fox.

Turns out I knew a lot of the crew: two of the grips from Danika, a camera operator from The Division, and the AD who looks just like Ed Norton.

The stages were air conditioned to sub arctic levels, which was nice, but I forgot to bring a jacket, and then, when I had to run home during lunch to get my I 9 photocopies I forgot to grab one so I spent the entire rest of the day sitting next to the 10k to keep warm.

Disney is a bureaucratic nightmare to work for. The 'start paperwork' package is the size of a short novel, and full of things like: Disney also makes you sign a paper stating that you're not related to anyone at a rival studio. I have the same last name as an upper level exec at a rival studio, and although we're not related, it always causes problems for the best boy.

Lunch (an hour 'walkaway', which means that you have to buy your own) must have given someone gas, because all afternoon the stage had pockets of really nasty gas smell. It was so bad that at one point I had to run off set because my eyes were watering.

No one owned up to it, though.


AJ Gentile said...

Whoever smelt it...

Wait a minute, what part of town are the studios? Could it be related to this?

Merujo said...

Your blog is fascinating, especially for a frustrated creative type several thousand miles away from L.A. I used to hang around the set of Homicide up in Baltimore just to watch people putting the show together. They probably thought I was homeless or insane after a while.

The funny thing is, I used to work with a woman named Peggy Archer, so I keep invisioning the nutty lady from my office working on film sets. It's freaking me out.

Cheers from DC,


Peggy Archer said...

AJ - I actually LOL'd at "A stench like being hit in the face with a rancid burlap sack filled with rotten eggs and dead kittens".

You rule.

And, just for the record, I resent the implication that I dropped a bomb on set.