Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tuesday at the VA

The real gaffer was back today - he's been out on 'personal business'.

One of the other juicers who was also out on 'personal business' who's back today is an old friend from a TV show called "The Division" that we both worked on years ago. He's a scream, and I was glad to see him again - plus I got tons of good gossip on the old gang.

We were shooting at the V.A. hospital in Northridge - it's pretty new since that whole area got flattened by the earthquake in '94. We were shooting in the atrium, so the sun shone down through the three story glass windows and heated up the set like a microwave (well, it is Northridge, and it is August).

This show's craft service guy puts out the same type of snack tray every day - it's crackers, cheese (which I can't eat), deli meats, dips, and - my personal weakness - hearts of palm. I LOVE hearts of palm and it takes every ounce of self-discipline I have to only take a couple of them. I really want to eat them all, and the damned deli tray only has about six of them (a light snack for me. I've been known to eat two cans of the damn things in one sitting), so taking three is massively uncool. One of the other juicers likes them too, so maybe I'll just bring my own tomorrow so we can both pig out.

Who am I kidding - I'd eat the whole can in front of him and giggle.

Call time: 8:42 (?) am
Wrap time: 11:45 pm


Dave2 said...

GASP! So Grey's Anatomy DOESN'T take place in Seattle after all?!? :-)

AJ Gentile said...

I've never had Hearts of Palm. Is it a Cali thing? I'm new here. Am I missing out?

Peggy Archer said...

I'm not sure what they are, besides tasty!