Thursday, January 05, 2006

The cell phone saga: Part three

Yesterday, while hiking with The Blonde, I lost my cell phone. I think it's somewhere at the bottom of Bronson Canyon, but who knows.

I decided that my chances of getting it back were slim to none, so I went and got a new phone. Verizon lets me upgrade once every two years, and since I never liked the last phone, I'm not all that broken up about the loss. I had an old phone that had 90 percent of my phonebook loaded in it, and the other 10 percent I can get off of my old crew lists.

I got an LG VX6100, which is the first camera phone I've ever had - I've always tried to avoid phones with cameras, as some shoots confiscate them (as does the green room at Jimmy Kimmel Live), but Verizon's not carrying any decent phones that don't have a camera.

Although scaring the cat with the flash is fun, I can't see that I'll be using the camera feature all that often - my digital camera's much better, and I almost always have that with me.


Josh said...

Yeah, my work doesn't allow camera phones at all. I got the LG vx4650. some people don't like it's looks, but I love it.


p.s. it's not too late to return your phone and get this swwwwweet one! :P

Dave2 said...

Can you even buy a decent phone without a camera now-a-days? Mine has come in handy from time to time, but I've always got my little Canon Powershot nearby, so I've rarely used it.

Anonymous said...

i used this site to pick a phone. it shows you all the phones avail in your area and you narrow your choices by carrier and features that you want eg. camera (and quality of camera), video, speaker etc.

Mori said...

I recently had to go pick my new phone from Verizon as well - and discovered that to get a phone that -didn't- have a camera, or speakerphone (I'm worried about buttons getting pushed while I'm in class), I'd end up paying more for it. There's something a bit weird about that, I think.

Anonymous said...

If I were an actor/actress...the last thing I would want is some crew person wandering around the set with a cameraphone.

Elhanan said...

I just got my first camera phone from verizon about a week ago. I've never had anyone ask me for my phone on set though, I guess I'll start hiding my cell phone in one of the camera cases, or in my tool bag.

Peggy Archer said...

Josh - I'm actually pretty happy with this one. The call quality's amazing!

Anon - if you were an actor, the last thing you'd have to worry about would be a crew person with a camera phone. Non of us really give a shit about actors. We're more likely to take pictures of each other, and most of the time they're worried about pictures of the sets getting leaked.

elhanan - I'm not sure that many folks are caring these days, but I'll let you know who does. Right now, the places that have confiscated are Jimmy Kimmel and Mr. and Mrs. Smith (until they figured out that none of the crew really cared, and then they stopped).