Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Silver Lining

Tony Pierce was right, and yet it's not all bad.

In June of 2004, Tony wrote "How to Blog", in which he gave all kinds of advice about blogs and writing them - number five being don't tell anyone you know about your blog, lest you censor yourself.

Now that people who know me offline are reading -thanks to the LA Times article - I have been a lot more careful about what I write (I deleted about five blog entries and about 20 photos from Flickr, mostly due to fear of legal action being taken against me), which isn't necessarily good, but it's the way things go.

Sometimes, though, this all works in my favor.

My boss on this last movie kept talking about wanting to eat Fugu (most of these conversations took place in a Hollywood sushi place that we went to while we were on stage - to avoid having to eat the caterer's food which made six crew members sick over the course of the movie), and most of us told him he was a crazy motherfucker with a deathwish.

Now, the LA Times has profiled another blog - Deep End Dining, which has an excellent story about eating Fugu.

You know who you are - I adore you, but you are, in fact, a crazy motherfucker (and that's not a bad thing).

This link's for you.


RJ said...

I agree with that! It does kind of limit you if your friends know. Then again, if they think you're a lunatic already it doesn't really matter.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the link. hump is on of my favorite restaurants. the restaurant below it, typhoon, serves bugs. could be the next one stop shop. wanna go?

Peggy Archer said...

Of course I want to go!

Just tell me when!

tony said...

finally someone took my advice!

i wish you continued success. ive just spent a few minutes here and i really like what youre doing.

keep up the great work!