Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Cancelled New Year's Eve

It was going to be such a fun night - The Blonde invited me to some B-list starfucker extravaganza on the Paramount lot - an event which was cancelled due to the rain that dumped on LA all day.

Before all of you in other parts of the country decide that we're wimps, remember that Los Angeles is not a city built for rain. The city was built to suit it's arid climate - technicolor stucco buildings on wide palm tree-lined boulevards which have very poor drainage due to both the soil and the geography. The streets flood if more than an inch of rain falls in a 24 hour period.

Since it rained fairly heavily all day, there was citywide flooding (of course), and quite a few of the outdoor events got cancelled. Although I've got wet-weather clothing which would enable me to stand in the rain all night and be perfectly comfortable, it's not exactly something you'd wear to a party and I wasn't really looking forward to slogging through rivers of runoff water while wearing open-toed shoes.

So - I spent the evening in my underwear, watching Simpsons DVDs and listening to my neighbors fire guns in the air at midnight.

I have a bad history with New Year's Eve. Something always fucks it up. Last year, it was a Bel-Air house party full of twits, the year before that it was two bitchy gay guys who couldn't find a good party and dragged me all over the city with them while they complained. I think the year before that it was a psycho boyfriend.

I'm kind of glad this one was quiet.

Here's to an uneventful New Year's Eve and a good year to follow.

Happy New Year, everyone.


Roscoe said...

Here in the Mid-West you need Arctic gear. New Years Eve is also “Rookie Night” when responsible partiers overdo it. Find a good movie and avoid a police roadblock. Happy New Year, Peggy!

josh williams said...

This is odd, I was reading differant blogs waiting to go to a party I don't want to go to when I decided on a whim to post a postitive note on your blog, which I read on a semi regular basis and who should I see my buddy Roscoe who I have known since we were but wee lads. Last night we both had a flamer hit our sites and acuse of being the same person and other mean nasty things about fish and stuff. I am not him, I just staulk him apparently. I went to my girlfriends last night had a couple of glass's of Champagne she had to get up at 4AM so I stopped over at my buddys house to drink a few bears and crash on his couch. I was out by 10:30. To make a long comment short, I enjoy your blog and have a good year. JW

Chris Soth said...

Dopey holiday, right? Marks merely the passage of time. Good for planning the next year. Hey, at least you were invited to the 'do, right?

Have a happy one,


Charli said...

Happy new year. We have some mighty strong winds here in Santa Cruz. Lots of rain, but the rain ain't nothin' compared to the wind. I feel your pain.


Justin said...

Hold up. It's New Year's? How late did I sleep? Damn.

Happy New Year.

John Doom said...

...At least you had the Simpsons to keep you company.

Mori said...

I'm a new blog reader, courtesy of the recent LA Times article. Thanks for writing, and have a great year.

Rarity said...

Well, NYE is usually hyped up to crazy expectations and so I no longer put much into it. I went to a perfectly lovely little party and had a wonderful time!

One year me and a friend boicottet the whole thing and made pizze and wore lazy pants - which was equally great!

Have a wonderful year!

Merujo said...

I went to some big charity shindig at Paramount several years ago. With all the rain, y'all could have reinacted the parting of the Red Sea in the big sunken parking lot. :-)

Happy New Year from lovely DC (aka, "Hollywood for the Ugly.")

Anonymous said...

Apparently you installed the new hard drive satisfactorily. Have a great New Year Peg.

galactic toilet said...

my friend (or now former-friend perhaps) spent her New Year's putting together a puzzle.

at least you didn't do that.

shipwrek said...

I spent NYE discovering your blog! My boyfriend & I were both sick & stayed home. We celebrated New York New Years & then he crashed. I stayed up & read a couple month's of your creative writing. Keep up the good work!

I am a female grip so I can really relate!